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Updated: 14  February 2018


Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

From : Toru Nakagawa, Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University triz

               World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) Project Leader  




"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" was updated recently

on Feb. 7, Feb. 11, and Feb. 12 in English and in Japanese pages. World TRIZ logo

[1] Starting the preparation of 'A Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites

    in the World'

 (2) For more practical ways of preparation (Toru Nakagawa)

We wish to build 'A Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in the Word' useful for TRIZ beginners and practitioners.
There are many, excellent TRIZ Sites in various countries, written in English and in their own languages.
So we wish to work Together! Connected!! to build a catalogue of them and share the results worldwide!!!

Since all of us are so busy, I have been trying to find practical and effective ways of the collaborative work in the WTSP project. 
Here is a better solution, revising the one I proposed at the end of last December:

(a) A basic manuscript in MS Word is now posted publicly for reviewing and revising by many people in parallel.

The manuscript is based on 'Selected 120 TRIZ Sites in the World' composed by Nakagawa 10 years ago, 2008. 

Please review it and revise the parts relevant to you and your country, and send the revised Word file via email to some active WTSP member close to you.


Instructions, as well as a lot of examples, are there.

(b) Project Members can work actively without using the Bitrix24 platform.

You may use MS Word off the site and use emails for communication and sending files, as usual.

In this new style of activities, could you please join us in the World TRIZ Sites Project ?

The Membership Application Form in .doc is posted in the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

(c) The WTSP platform in the Bitrix24 groupware system will be operated in the way as we planned before.

Uploading, editing, and publicizing work inside the platform will be carried out by a relatively small number of Members.  (We wish to have voluntary people for this service.)

Revised manuscript of the World Catalogue will be posted publicly for the collaborative work
     every 1-2 months in the WTSP platform and

     every 1-2 weeks  in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

I am looking forward to your collaboration, and
you may be looking forward to the Project results !!


Best wishes, Sincerely,




Updated: 31 January 2018

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

Photo-UST-Nakagawa-130927From : Toru Nakagawa, Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University 


"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" was updated on Jan. 25 and Jan. 30 in English and in Japanese pages. 



[1]  Message for the New Year 2018  (Toru Nakagawa) 

[2]  Starting the preparation of 'A Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites in the World'
     (1) Findings through Practices in Japan  (Toru Nakagawa)

[3]  TRIZ News:  Conference schedules in 2018   (2 in Japan, 4 abroad)

[4]  "The TRIZ Journal" has been re-launched by Darrell Mann


 [1] Message for the New Year 2018  (Toru Nakagawa) 

Greetings from Japan for a Happy New Year 2018!!  Wish the year be peaceful in the World, and healthy, happy, and successful for you all. 

Posted is an English translation of my New Year Card which I sent to about 200 friends in Japan whom I met before my TRIZ days.   

In the card I used the photo of swallows, where parents gave flight demonstration to youngsters on the day before leaving the nest.

I realized that the swallows teach and learn, through this flight demonstration, 'Liberty, Love, and Ethics' quite naturally and with all their sincerity. Not only swallows but all the plants and animals on the earth are living naturally and fully with their 'Liberty, Love, and Ethics', even though they do not use such words. 'Liberty, Love, and Ethics' are the guiding principles for     all the living things to live together on the Earth.

[2] Starting the preparation of 'A Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites in the World'
    (1) Findings through Practices in Japan    (Toru Nakagawa)

For the actual start of preparing 'A Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites in the World', I am now working to search and collect TRIZ-related Sites in Japan and to write brief introductions to them.

Here are some findings and suggestions for our work. 

** Notice: Depending on countries, there seem various differences in the options of search engines and in the situations of TRIZ-related sites.  Thus in each country, please adapt/modify your practical procedures to meet our common goals.

For the search of TRIZ-related sites, we should better use Yahoo! instead of Google, with the keyword of 'TRIZ' and with the settings of 'Local area', 'Our own language', and the option of 'Display the link for searching inside the site'.

Copy the full results of the search onto a document while keeping the hyperlinks active.

For each site shown in the search results, carry out the search inside the site; then we can get the search results of many TRIZ-relevant pages inside the site. 

Visit each site actually to take a look at important pages and write a brief introduction to the site.
(Revision in the Guideline: 'Single line introduction' ==> 'Brief introduction' (in 2 to 4 lines, in a free format).

Because of much diversity among the sites, we are going to classify them according to their nature into 9 Categories, such as (a) TRIZ information sending sites, (b) Consultants etc. in TRIZ, (c) Academic societies, etc. (d) Universities, etc.  

Depending on the nature of the site, quality and quantity of information, and importance, etc., we should introduce important sites closely to some detail, while less important ones just briefly.

There exist many important relevant sites without mentioning TRIZ explicitly.  So we should carry out broader searching for them at the second stage. 

How to search them and how to arrange them in our (second type of) Catalogue of TRIZ-related Sites are now under investigation by our 'Global Co-editor' Darrell Mann.

Project members are encouraged to start the search and description work in their own country in the manner describe above and in the Guidelines.

[3] TRIZ News:  Conference schedules in 2018

Japan Creativity Society:  I. C. on Creativity & Innovation (ICCI2018), Sept. 10-12, Osaka.

Japan TRIZ Society:  Japan TRIZ Symposium 2018, Sept. 13-14, Tokyo.

Altshuller Inst.:  TRIZCON2018, May 6-9, Purdue Univ., IN, USA . 

SSI:             ICSI 2018, Jul. 18-21, Taiwan.

MATRIZ:        TRIZfest-2018  Sept. 13-15, Lisbon, Portugal. 

ETRIA          TFC 2018, Oct. 29 - 31, Strasbourg, France.

[4] News: "The TRIZ Journal" has been re-launched already under the operation by Darrell Mann

Thanks and Congratulations!!!  Visit it with the URL:

Best wishes, Sincerely,



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