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The following are excerpts from the newsletter News of the TRIZ Movement, an extensive email sent by the TRIZ-Info Publishing Center, Cheliabinck Russia, for the period of July - September 1998.

The letter provides information about new books on TRIZ, available seminars, children's education in TRIZ, and so on. It ends with the address of V. Zuravliova, the wife of the late Genrikh Altshuller, and a letter that he prepared not long before his passing away.

We are including those portions of this letter as may be of interest to The Altshuller Institute:

Dear friends!

I am carrying out the last wish of Genrikh Saulovich. I am sending the information that has already been prepared for a seperate mailing.

V. Zuravliova

International TRIZ Association
Petrosavodsk, September, 1998

Dear Colleagues!

I have received letters requesting Certificates. For many people now, this is vitally necessary. Some TRIZniks cannot run seminars, provide lectures in Colleges, open schools and so on. A document is required stating that they have the legitimate credentials to teach TRIZ. It is time to provide this certification. Here, we need to apply serious consideration.

I am supporting, and granting, the following list of candidates to receive the Diploma of TRIZ Master:

To some candidates from this list I would give the Diploma "TRIZ Master Plus." However, we have only one blank form of Diploma.

This list with, small corrections, was made a year and a half to two years ago. Today, this list can be expanded, and we could consider that, for the first approximation, this work is complete. The list contains candidates without consideration of weather they are members of the International TRIZ Association. All of them did a great job towards developing the Theory for Solving Inventive Problems, TRIZ.

Here is the list of candidates for the Diploma of TRIZ Master:

Amnuel, Pesah - Baku (now in Israel)
Bdulenko, Margarita - Krasnogorsk
Beliltzev, Valeri - Voronez
Bukhman, Isak - Riga (now in USA)
Vikentiev, Igor - Sankt-Petersburg
Vertkin, Igor - Baku (now in England)
Gasanov, Aleksandr - Moscow
Gerasimov, Vladimir - Sankt-Petersburg (now in USA)
Gorin, Yri - Penza
Gorchakov, Igor - Ribinsk
Golovchenko, Georgi - Ekaterinbourgh
Gubanov, Sergei - Novosibirsk
Gin, Anatoli - Gomel
Gafitulin, Marat - Zukovski
Zlotin, Boris - Kishinev (now in USA)
Zusman, Alla - Kishinev (now in USA)
Zlotin, Fira - Sankt-Petersburg (now in Israel)
Zinovkina, Miloslava - Moscow
Ivanov, Gennadi - Angarsk
Ilovaiski, Igor - Novosibirsk
Kaloshin, Nikolai - Moscow
Kriachko, Valentina - Sankt-Petersburg
Kaner, Vadim - Sankt-Petersburg
Kislov, Aleksandr - Sankt-Petersburg
Kravtzov, Sergei - Semipalatinsk
Kolchev, Nikolai - Sosnovi Bor
Linkova, Nina - Moscow
Litvin, Semeon - Sankt-Petersburg (now in USA)
Limarenko, Anatoli - Vladivostok
Ladoshkin, Victor - Novosibirsk
Liubomirski, Aleksandr - Sankt-Petersburg (now in USA)
Magidenko, Vladimir - Komsomolsk na Amur
Meerovoch, Mark - Odessa
Mikhailov, Valeri - Cheboksari
Mitrofanov, Voluslav - Sankt-Petersburg
Murashkovski, Yli -
Nikashin, Aleksandr - Rostov na Donu
Narbut, Alexandr - Saporozie
Narbut, Natalia - Saporozie
Podkatilin, Alaksei - Moscow
Pigorov, Georgi - Dnepropetrovsk
Pevsner, Lev - Ekaterinbourgh
Petrov, Vladimir - Sankt-Petersburg (now in Israel)
Rubin, Michail - Petrosavodsk
Royzen, Zinovy - Kishinev (now in USA)
Salamatov, Yri -Krasnoiarsk
Sibiriakov, Vissarion - Novosibirsk
Seliutski, Aleksandr - Petrosavodsk
Sichev, Valeri - Rostov na Donu
Salnikov, Vadim - Samara
Sklobovski, Kiril - Obninsk (now in USA)
Stupniker, Yri - Dnepropetrovsk (now in Israel)
Trigub, Aleksandr - Petrosavodsk
Timohov, Victor - Gomel
Torgashev, Aleksandr - Novosibirsk
Fey, Victor - Baku (now in USA)
Fedosov, Yri - Sankt-Petersburg
Filkovsk,i Gennadi - Baku (now in USA)
Khomenko, Nikolai - Minsk
Kholkin, Igor - Moscow
Tzourikov, Valeri - Minsk (now in USA)
Shusterman, Michail - Norilsk
Shulyak, Lev - Moscow (now in USA)
Sharapov, Michail - Magnitogorsk
Shargina, Larisa - Odessa

Note: As of October 14, 2006, the MATRIZ Dissertation Board began appointing new TRIZ Masters. For the full list of TRIZ Masters, click here .

Foreign news:

During the last several years, TRIZ material has been translated and published in English, Japanese, Spanish and Korean languages. This indicates a big interest in TRIZ in the western world.

Our TRIZ countrymen are now a leading part of the TRIZ institute formed in the United States. You can find more information on the Internet -

G. Altshuller


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