The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies

Summary of Qualification Requirements for Altshuller Institute Certification



 Evaluation Procedure
 TRIZ Practitioner

Demonstrable command of the major TRIZ concepts and tools listed in the “ TRIZ Practitioner Certification”.

Annual or lifetime member of the Alsthuller Institute.


Test will be graded by CB members. The scores will be averaged.

Passing score of 75%+ is required for Certification.

 TRIZ Specialist

Verifiable evidence of practical application of TRIZ for at least two years.

Prior certification as AI Practitioner and annual or lifetime member of the Altshuller Institute.

Paper on an advanced topic in TRIZ and

interview by Certification Board.

 TRIZ Master

 Prior certification as AI Specialist

Advancement of TRIZ


Certification Board (CB) is composed of 5 TRIZ Masters.


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