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AI TRIZ Certification
General Provisions

Pre-requisites:  Annual or Lifetime membership

Certification of TRIZ was enacted by Genrikh Altshuller at the founding of the Altshuller Institute (AI). The objectives are:

  • To provide a “seal of quality” that will make consumers of various TRIZ services feel confident that they are dealing with knowledgeable TRIZ person.
  • To help establish definitions of the TRIZ knowledge content, as well as the scope and boundaries of that content.
  • To provide recognition for TRIZ training curricula that complies with the highest standards of contemporary TRIZ education.


  • The certification is based on objective evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge of TRIZ and his/her ability to practically use this knowledge.
  • To be certified, the aspirant has to pass a published standardized process that will demonstrate both his/her comprehensive understanding of the established body of knowledge of TRIZ and the ability to solve real-life problems using tools of TRIZ.
  • The certification is administered by the Certification Board (CB) comprised of leading experts in TRIZ theory and practice (TRIZ Masters all). Members of the board are nominated by the AI Education Committee (AIEC) and approved by AI’s Executive Committee.
  • Three levels of qualifications – TRIZ Associate, TRIZ Practitioner, and TRIZ Specialist – are established, so as to recognize different levels of TRIZ knowledge and skills. A fourth level of certification will be the TRIZ Master when we agree how to select and qualify such candidates. 


  • All AI qualifications are compatible with the ones conferred by the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ).


 MATRIZ  Altshuller Institute Link to
 Level 1  TRIZ Associate More info
 Level 3  TRIZ Practitioner More info
 Level 4  TRIZ Specialist More info
 TRIZ Master  TRIZ Master  

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Historical Note:

Grand-Father provision (No longer available):

Those individuals certified before 1 October 2009 by a recognized TRIZ Master will be recognized as an AI TRIZ Practitioner.
This provision will be offered only until 31 March 2010 pending compliance with the following requirements:
1. Application for AI certification level with administration fee - $250.
2. Copy of certification document indicating level achieved.



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