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for TRIZ Studies

This Webinar Series is provided by The Altshuller Institute to help provide information about TRIZ and the application of TRIZ to problem solving.  These videos are the property of the Altshuller Institute with unrestricted permission to view them on the Altshuller Insititute website.  All other permissions are reserved to the Altshuller Institute.


The purpose of this webinar series is to provide the participants with an understanding of the general Problem Solving Flow using TRIZ tools and key concepts.


The overall process is defined in the first webinar and this is the foundation for each subsequent webinar which develops the next step in the process.


Part 1 - Problem Solving Flow and Simplifying Your Specific Problems


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Part 2 - Defining Contradictions - Introduction to the Webinar


Part 2 - Defining Contradictions - Presentation


Part 2 - Defining Contradictions - Questions and Answers



Part 3 - Identifying Inventive Principles - Introduction


Part 3 - Identifying Inventive Principles - Presentation


Part 3 - Identifying Inventive Principles - Questions and Answers


Part 4 of 4 Developing Specific Innovative Solutions. 


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This webinar series is presented by David Conley, Principal at Innomation, LLC.



The Presenter: David Conley

David Conley received his BS of Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University and his Masters of Finance from the University of New Mexico. As an Air Force Officer he performed plasma physics and space nuclear propulsion research and served at Los Alamos and Brookhaven National Laboratories and on NASA’s Nuclear Safety Review Panel. His private sector experience includes Johnson and Johnson, Philips Semiconductor, and Intel Corporation. At Intel Corp. from 1995 until 2012 David held a variety of engineering and management roles and is the only person corporate wide to have ever held a Level 4 Specialist certification in the science of innovation - TRIZ. During his last five years at Intel he oversaw the organization's worldwide innovation program steering committee and was responsible for direction setting, training development and proliferation of innovation methods within Intel.

Dave ConleyCertified by the International TRIZ Association, David’s contributions to the field of systematic innovation include: technical, computing and business system problem solving, materials development, methodology training, program integration and serving on the Executive Board and Certification Committee of the US based Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies. Utilizing innovation methods he has solved hundreds challenging engineering problems, developed thousands of pages of training courses and manuals and trained hundreds of students. Additionally, David is one of the few pioneers worldwide in the application of TRIZ to the disciplines of business and computing systems. In January of 2012, David began focus solely on systematic innovation consulting and now services a worldwide base of clients. Currently he is sharing his expertise with the University of New Mexico's College of Engineering where students have been tasked with incorporating TRIZ methodologies into their final design projects. David has broad international business and engineering experience and currently lives in New Mexico, USA with his wife and three sons.

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