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pdf Philosophy of Theory of Technical Systems Evolution

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Philosophy of Theory of Technical Systems Evolution

Viesturs Tamuzs, Yuliy Murashkovsky


Viesturs Tamuzs.859The history of ideas contains multiple examples of significant scientific discoveries being made by a method of trial and error. That is to say, these discoveries in their nature remain random, not planned, events. The work of G. Altshuller on the Theory of Technical Systems Evolution (TESE) has enabled to make revolutionary changes in the perception of the process of invention by introducing the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). TESE and TRIZ describe in detail a directed and goal-oriented procedure of invention towards increasing the degree of system’s ideality by thus avoiding randomness.

In addition, we believe that the growth of philosophical knowledge and of new theoretical frameworks within the tradition originating from Aristotle and Socrates has dissipated. We expect that the theories of TESE, TRIZ and SFT will soon find wide-ranging philosophical application and success as it has in revolutionizing the process of technical discoveries.