The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies

Izobretenia Vol. 1

The oft-quoted expression "TRIZ is based on technology rather than psychology" is a direct translation from the Russian. This declaration was made by Genrich Altshuller to underscore the difference between TRIZ and the many other creativity techniques, which were based on the thinking and/or behavioral patters of successful inventors. Altshuller was the first person who, as early as the 1940s, refused to embrace an unreliable, unrepeatable, and personality-dependent psychological approach to creativity. he instead chose another way, one based on an analysis of the results of creativity in technology - that is, inventions. This approach allowed Altshuller to form his conclusions on the basis of information in patents and other sources of technical information documenting the hum innovative experience. This accumulated knowledge of the most successful inventive practices resulted in the following discoveries...

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