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November 2010

Charoenchit Panpetch

In this paper, Mr. Panpetch provides a detailed scholarly view of evolution. The Theory of DCB defines how evolution works in terms of the single process and how it becomes different. This Theory can provide the explanation to all kinds of evolution. He then presents the systematic tools for each activity of evolutionary studies.

Among the great diversity and similarity of the universe, philosophers, scientists, theologians seek to relate one phenomenon to another and to recognize the causes and effects of phenomena. In this way, they have developed explanations for the changing of the seasons, the movements of the sun and stars, the structure of matter, the history of life on Earth, and many other occurrences.

Alternative models, processes, formulas, and theories in many areas are developing to help our understanding of how the universe works. The theory of evolution is one of the most important ideas ever generated by the application of scientific methods to the natural world.

Evolutionary theories incorporate a large body of scientific facts, laws, tested hypothesis, and logical inferences but it is much harder to support scientifically all things in one process, one model, one formula, or one framework. This is because of the great diversity and similarity among the universe, the development of an explanation for the change of everything is so difficult. Today, we see evolution plays in many theories having explanation can not be applied to different kinds of evolution.

For instance, biological evolution provides an explanatory framework for the processes of natural change, but that it can not be applied uncritically to cultural phenomena, the evolutionary formulas for making a universe and making life can enable everything- with the exceptions of man-made things, such as computer or buildings, and of complicated things, such as wooden boxes with nails in them, require thought, intelligence, and careful workmanship.

This research underscores the importance of studying a theory that can explain how  evolution works in terms of one process, one model, or one framework and that can be applied to all kinds of evolution. The DCB theory of evolution is now required.

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