The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies

Soft Side of TRIZ

Jack HippleJack Hipple

For the past two months we have been discussing the translation of the standard 40 TRIZ principles into business and organizational language. It takes a little mental effort, but I hope you have seen how it can pay off as you use this way of taking a hard look at business and organizational problem.

In TRIZ, we make a distinction between a conflict between two different parameters (traditionally called a technical contradiction) and a conflict within a parameter itself (a physical contradiction). For example, instead of the concern about "shape" vs. "ease of repair" in the contradiction table, we are talking about either shape or ease of repair on their own. We may want the shape to be round for one reason and square for another reason. We may want something to be thick for one reason and thin for another reason (think of a circuit breaker). We may want an item or piece of machinery to be easily accessible for maintenance, but inaccessible while running (for safety reasons).


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