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Jack HippleJack Hipple

If Bill Gates had done some thinking a while back, what might he have done with his TRIZ resources hat on and his simple 9-Box in front of him (and no Harvard MBA!)?

First, he might be alert to the mass customization of software through the resources of the Web, a resource available not just to Microsoft customers, but to everyone. Might he have made more money by knowing this and licensing the use of Microsoft office by the minute, by the document? Would he have realized sooner that is was possible for anyone to create software code using input from everyone, not just his programmers? Would he have recognized that the web allows anyone to have a PC without having a PC? Interesting questions and you can see Microsoft struggling with these issues and making acquisitions to assist it in new business models that don't look anything like their present one. Hope you also did this analysis for your own job as I suggested.


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