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Feb. 16, 2017

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

    Toru Nakagawa

         Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated on Feb. 14 in English and in Japanese pages.

[1] Personal Report of ETRIA TFC2016 (Oct. 2016, Poland)  Toru Nakagawa

[2] A long-term strategy to spread TRIZ in SMEs.

   Davide Russo, D. Regazzoni, C. Rizzi (U. Bergamo, Italy); Japanese translation: Toru Nakagawa

[3] Letters from ReadersDec. 2016 - Jan. 2017English: 4 readers + TN; Japanese: 6 readers + TN


[1] TRIZ Forum: Conference Report (31):

Personal Report of The 16th ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference (TFC 2016),

Held on Oct. 24-27, 2016, at Wroclaw, Poland

Toru Nakagawa (OGU)  

After a few years of interval, I have made up my mind to write 'Personal Reports' of some important TRIZ conferences, starting with ETRIA TFC2016.

In the field of TRIZ, several international conferences and several tens of regional/ domestic/ company-organized conferences are held every year.  

Papers/presentations at such conferences are, unfortunately, mostly not known even for people interested/ involved in TRIZ.

Overviews of the papers and introductions to good papers would be useful for promoting TRIZ, only if appropriate reviews were done.

Knowing the responsibilities and burdens, I will do my best to write 'Personal Reports', as I did before (Conference Reports (1) through (30)).  

The present page in English is just a skeletal of my Personal Report, containing only a list of all the papers categorized with topics.

I have just posted a Japanese page having very-brief introductions to all the papers, which I wrote after reading Authors' Abstracts and presentation slides (made available to TFC2016 participants).

After reading papers closely one after another from now on, I am going to write introductions to them in English.

It will take two months or so for me to finish and post my Personal Report in English.

[2] Case Study of TRIZ Promotion:

A long-term strategy to spread TRIZ in SMEs. Analysis of Bergamo's experience

Davide Russo, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi University of Bergamo, Italy);

Japanese translation: Toru Nakagawa  

Presented at ETRIA TFC 2016 on Oct. 25, 2016 at Wroclaw, Poland.

In the English page, presentation slides are posted both in HTML and in PDF.

The paper will be made accessible with a link to Elsevier's Science Direct whenever openly published.

In the Japanese page, the full paper and the presentation slides are posted in Japanese translation.

The TRIZ research group, formed in the University of Bergamo, educated students of Master courses with the TRIZ methodology, and worked to spread TRIZ in the industrial community in collaboration of Bergamo Chamber of Commerce.

This is a valuable report of the activities, which contributed to stimulate and enhance the intellectual properties and innovation in the regional community prevailed by SMEs.

Typical models of promoting TRIZ are based on success stories in big enterprises.

In Italy, however, big companies (with over 250 employees) are very few (0.1%) while very small companies (with less than 10 employees) are prevailing (95%).

Thus the Authors built a new model of responding to the demands of SMEs first in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce.

Under a long term strategy, they provided services of teaching, training, and consulting the owners and engineers of SMEs on the topic of Intellectual Properties first and TRIZ later.

In 9 years they have achieved remarkable results.

[3] TRIZ Forum: Letters from ReadersDec. 2016 - Jan. 2017

[English page] Czeslaw Cempel (Poland), Ellen Domb (USA), Hugo Sanchez (Nicaragua), Shahid Saleem Arshad (Australia); Toru Nakagawa

Communications between Cempel and Nakagawa, on 'Liberty vs Love', especially that Ethics (including Equity) is the 0th Principle.

Domb and Sanchez sent me wishes and encourage the work of this Web site.

Arshad supported me on the work of 'Liberty vs. Love'. He attached a picture of homeless Japanese citizens just post-war in 1945. Nakagawa responded mentioning the hidden nature of poverty in modern countries

[Japanese page ] Akihiko Ikeda, Tomomi Murata, Kouichi Miyazato, Tetsu Sadahiro, Munehiro Shimada, Mikiya Kobayashi, Toru Nakagawa

Murata sent me his greetings together with Haiku (Japanese short poems) he composed.

Miyazato encourages me to keep this site as a platform where Gemba leaders can study.

Sadahiro asks me about how engineers' use of their knowledge and experiences is related to the Six-Box Scheme.

Shimada sent me his newly published book: "How Do We Want to Die?" (Author: M. de Ridder,

   Translation into Japanese: M. Shimada and W.R. Ade).

Kobayashi sent me his sympathy on the 'Liberty vs. Love' issue.

Best wishes,



Toru Nakagawa, Dr., Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University

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