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trizcon 2010 National Innovation Conference

Preliminary Agenda

Wednesday - 6 Oct 2010 (An Optional Preconference FREE Workshop)

2 hour Evening Workshop FREE to any attendees who wish to arrive a day early

7-9 PM

Invention Road™ Tutorial for K-12 Middle and High School Teachers - Sergey Malkin and Cal Halliburton

Thursday - 7 Oct 2010 (Day 1)

Tentative Program - Presentations & Tutorials on a Range of Innovation Methods Including TRIZ

Conference Location: Hope Hotel & Conference Center, Area A, Building 823, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH

7:00 AM

Registration & Continental BreakfastNOTE: Preregister online and save trizcoen 2010 Registration


Welcome & Introductions — Mansour Ashtiani, President of the Altshuller Institute


NASA LogoKeynote - Jeffrey Davis, MD, Director of Space Life Sciences,
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston
- Read Bio



Innovation & Creativity Programs

TRIZCON Beginner Tutorials

TRIZCON Advanced Tutorials


* * * BREAK * * * Refreshments in Foyer


Exploring the Future of New Product Development

John Mariotti, CEO Enterprise Group

Patterns of Invention: The Basis for TRIZ

  • Egos and Acronyms
  • Examples and Case Studies

Basic TRIZ Algorithm Ideal Final Result Concept

  • Examples and case studies

Jack Hipple, Innovation-TRIZ

The Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving - ARIZ-85C

The main module of TRIZ, a set of sequential, logical steps for analyzing the initial problem

  • Answers to questions –create best solutions
  • An analytical algorithm for human brains
  • Makes us more creative and helps us avoid our main enemy, Psychological Inertia

Isak Bukhman Technical Innovation Center


Strategic Drivers Changing Industry and the World - Charting the Best Course of Action for Enduring Success

Deborah Westphal, Managing Partner, The Toffler Associates


* * * LUNCH – Center Foyer * * *


Integrating Different Innovation Tools to Bridge the Gaps and Drive Learning

Ellen Domb, PQR Group

Resources: What are they? Where do you find them?

  • Examples and case studies


  • Technical vs Physical
  • 40 Inventive Principles
  • Contradiction table
  • Separation principles

Jack Hipple, Innovation-TRIZ

Conflict Solving Using TOP-TRIZ

  • Tool-Object-Product (TOP) function modeling to improve the understanding of conflict
  • Integrating ARIZ, initial problem formulation and function analysis to improve conflict definition and eliminate repetition

Zinovy Royzen TRIZ Consulting, Inc.


A Flight To Creativity

Tim Basadur Basadur Applied Creativity


* * * BREAK * * * Refreshments in Foyer


The P&G Initiatives GYM: Empowering New Innovations

Wayne Fisher, Procter & Gamble

Use of TRIZ in Management and Organizational Problem Solving

Introduction to Lines of Evolution

  • Simplicity/Complexity
  • Dynamics & Fields

Commentary on Presentations at TRIZCon 2010, Q/A, Discussion

Jack Hipple, Innovation-TRIZ

TRIZ for Competitive  Patent Circumnavigation

Use of TRIZ to empower patent strategies for protecting IP and blocking competitors.

Sergei Ikovenko, Gen3 Partners


Implementing New Innovation in the Air Force Research Lab

Alok Das and David Shahady, AFRL


Sly as a Fox LogoClosing Mark Fox, CEO, Sly As A Fox, Former Chief Engineer, Space Shuttle Program

Topic: DaVinci and the 40 Answers(book signing by author following presentation) - Read Bio



WBI LogoEvening Mixer sponsored by the Wright Brothers Institute IDEA Lab logo

Les McFawn, Director, WBI presents IDEA Lab – Collaborative Innovation for the AFRL and beyond


* * * BREAK * * *


Zenoavate AvatarSit-down Dinner – Sponsored by Zenovate Ltd (“Where the Innovation is Unlimited”)

Tom Hortel (the Zenovator) and Jim Sinclair (the Winovator), “Raiders of the Lost Spark”

Friday - 8 Oct 2010 (Day 2)

Tentative Program - Presentations & Case Studies for Various Innovation Methods

7:00 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast – NOTE: Preregister online and save Register Button

7:15 - 8:00

Zenovate AvatarNetworking for the General Audience


AI TRIZ LogoAltshuller Institute Annual Business Meeting - Members Only


Welcome & Introductions from the Sponsors

Mansour Ashtiani (Altshuller Institute), Jim Sinclair (Zenovate), Larry Spiers (PDMA), Bart Barthelemy (Wright Brothers Institute)


Innocentive LogoKeynote - Steve Shapiro, Chief Innovation Evangelist, Innocentive

“The Role of Cultural Shift Within Business To Sustain Innovation”


Innovation & Creativity Programs

TRIZ Papers Presentation Track 1

TRIZ Papers Presentation Track 2


Reinventing our marketing orgs to catalyze organic growth

Mohan Susthav, New Product Initiatives, Eastman Chemical

Applying TRIZ to Breakthrough Innovations in Healthcare

Valeriy Prushinski Natural Innovations LLC

Reformulating a Semiconductor Information Problem with TRIZ

Bryan Pollard, Intel


* * * BREAK * * * Refreshments in Foyer


Connect & Develop 2.0 - Powerful Tools for Collaboration & Innovation

Glen Wienkoop, CEO Inno 360

Design For Innovation in Manufacturing (DFIM)

Richard Platt, Strategy & Innovation Group

Perception Mapping and Contradiction Resolution of VOC

David Conley, Innomation, LLC


Applying Business Innovation Tools

Prof. Praveen Gupta, llinois Institute of Technology

Teaching TRIZ: Leaving the classroom to enhance learning

Ellen Domb, PQR Group

Applications of TRIZ to Information Technology – Cases and Lessons Learned

Kas Kasravi, HP Enterprise Services


* * * LUNCH – Center Foyer * * *


Using The National Innovation Marketplace to Connect Inventors To Implementers & Speed Development

Ken Bloemer, VP of Planet Eureka

40 Principles and Contridictions in Human Factors and Ergonomics

Jack Hipple, Innovation-TRIZ

Addressing Secondary Problems with TRIZ

Boris Zlotin & Alla Zusman, Ideation International


Collaborative Innovation – the IDEA Lab Model

Emily Riley, Bart Barthelemy
Wright Brothers Institute

Collateral Beauty: Integrating TRIZ, Fundamental Design Method & Metaphysics of Quality

Darrell Mann, Systematic-Innovation

TRIZ Based Web-tool for Teachers and Youth

Sergey Malkin, Pretium Innovation & Cal Halliburton, Halliburton Associates, LLC


* * * BREAK * * *Refreshments in Foyer


Solution People LogoClosing -Gerald “Solutionman” Haman, Head of SolutionPeople

Topic: “Collaborate to Innovate” New Models For Accelerated Learning


Post-conference Mingle and Network Event

Saturday - 9 Oct 2010(Post Conference Activities)

9 AM -
5 PM

Certification Testing for TRIZ Practitioners

9 AM -
5 PM

1-Day Post-Conference Workshops on TRIZ Applications

NOTE: - There are separate fees to attend these, $400 each. Lunch and breaks provided.

  1. Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation Ltd.: “Whispered Voices: Understanding Populations Better Than They Understand Themselves”
  2. Isak Bukhman, TRIZ Master, TRIZ Solutions LLC: “Managing a Real TRIZ Project”
  3. Mark Barkan, President of MA-TRIZ: “Manufacturing Process Improvement"

9 AM -
5 PM

Tours of the United States Air Force Museum - a wonderful place to visit to see how TRIZ was applied.

Inside TRIZ

Case Studies From A Breakthrough Innovation

Inside TRIZ
Photo of Darrell MannMarch 2012
Darrell Mann
Case Studies From A Breakthrough Innovation
"Starting in August 2004, the Hong Kong government began sponsoring a deployment of TRIZ to a cluster of eight local companies. Over the course of the next 15 months, each company was invited to assemble a team of between 5 and 8 engineers and designers each of whom would be exposed to a series of six three-day TRIZ education and utilization sessions. The aims of the program were for each company to realize new products, patents and tangible financial benefits, and to measure the extent to which TRIZ allowed companies to accelerate their rate of innovation. This paper describes a collection of some of the success stories emerging from the program."

TRIZ Features

Alexander Selutsky

TRIZ Feature

Alexander Selyutsky - a key figure in the history of TRIZ!

Alexander Selyutsky

Selyutsky Alexander Borisovich was born April 6, 1933 to an intelligent Jewish family residing in Leningrad. During the World War II the plant where his father was working was evacuated to the Urals, and the family (the parents and Alexander) moved to Chelyabinsk. Here, Alexander graduated from high school. He wanted to go to a military school, but didn’t pass vision test and entered the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. In his first year he was forced to learn boxing (because of frequent anti-Semitic attacks) and became a Komsomol activist.

After graduation, he was sent to Petrozavodsk Onega tractor plant, where he worked as a designer. He continued leading a very active social life, organized and led voluntary militia patrolling the streets of the city because the situation was very criminal. In the search for more satisfying work he became interested in patenting, completed appropriate courses and became a patent agent.

In 1960, Alexander married Dolly Naumovna Audleys, and had a daughter Alla in 1961. The same year G.S Altshuller published a book " “Learn how to invent"[1] . After reading this book in 1965 Selyutsky wrote a letter to Altshuller. This letter started their acquaintance by correspondence. Since then, Alexander became one of the most dedicated Altshuller’s disciples and an active promoter of the emerging new science.

They finally met in 1968 in Dzintary (near Riga), at the seminar organized by the Central Board of VOIR (state leading inventors’ and innovators’ society) that invited Altshuller and several of his associates. It was the first time that Alexander and others got a chance to work under the direct guidance of Altshuller and to learn from him. Later, in 1983, Alexander participated as one of the instructors in the seminar conducted by G.S. Altshuller in Moscow at the Institute for continuous education for chemical and petroleum industries.

Read more ...