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Theory of Talented Thinking (TTT)

by Yuliy Samoilovich Murashkovsky

Theory of Talented Thinking (TTT) is an extension of the concepts of TRIZ, related to thinking.

The basis of TTT is a system of 19 thought procedures. Some of them are new for TRIZ.

Several tens of thousands examples of high (3-5) level changes from the history of development of technical, artistic systems and systems of scientific notions were selected to identify the procedures of TTT.

Procedures of TTT are based on studying the regularity of notion development. In TTT, the system of these patterns is extended in comparison with TRIZ.

TRIZ has several prediction mechanisms, but they are almost never used in practice of application of TRIZ. TTT is aimed not only at solving arisen problems, but also mainly at non-linear prediction in various fields of activity.

A fundamentally new paradigm is being developed within TTT – Talented Education and Upbringing (TEU). It utilizes both existing and new research results. There are also classes on the technique of conducting research.

The practice of teaching different age groups shows that TEU does not coincide with traditional system of education and upbringing. Therefore, a system of independent TTT education and a corresponding system of upbringing is being developed and tested in practice on the basis of both existing (TCPD by G.S. Altshuller, work of V.G. Berezina, system of B.P. Nikitin) and original developments (M.E. Novicka, Y.Y. Murashkovsky).

Yuliy SaMarrofsky.861moilovich Murashkovsky

TRIZ master, Master of Chemistry, professor of RISEBA and Baltic International Academy (Riga).

Born 07.07.1952 in Luhansk, Ukrainian SSR. Practices TRIZ since 1974. Conducts independent research since 1979. Published two books, several manuals for teachers, and a number of articles. Some of the materials can be found on