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pdf GB System of Inventive Principles

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GB System of Inventive Principles

By Galina Malkin, Len Kaplan, Yevgeniy Malkin, (GB, LLC)

Problem solving in classic TRIZ, as well as in the various post-classic TRIZ derivatives, is focused on finding one “successful” idea. Sometimes, that idea is accompanied by a few ideas of a “lower level” – i.e. solutions of subsequent, secondary problems.

The GB TRIZ methodology proposes a different approach to problem solving. This approach provides the following advantages:

  • A thorough analysis of the problem allows localizing it as a specific goal focused on one variable function.
  • This helps define a compact list of resources that need to be changed to achieve the desired results.
  • GB System of Inventive Principles (IPs) helps create a practically exhaustive list of possible ideas.
  • Ideas are combined into conceptual solutions, which are evaluated to create a “locally ideal” implementable plan.

The methodology is successful because the GB System of IPs is standardized for simple, uniform application. This standardization allows for many benefits, including:

  • A faster, simpler training process to use the System of IPs.
  • Easy implementation in facilitation of projects.
  • Maximum efficiency at discovering and applying the knowledge necessary for the project.
  • A comprehensive and virtually exhaustive list of possible solutions.
  • Implementable concepts.
  • Galina MalkinGalina Malkin, President, GB LLC

    1986 M.S. Biology - Simferopol State University (Tavrida University)

    Galina first encountered TRIZ at a seminar of G. Altshuller. From that point, not only did she use TRIZ in her scientific work as a molecular biologist, but she also taught TRIZ to different age groups ranging from pre-school to college students and business personnel. Her programs were used to teach pre-school students in Latvia. She worked as a biologist at the University of Michigan, Cayman Chemical, Pfizer, and Wayne State University.

    Galina co-Founded GB TRIZ, LLC in 2010 and has served as the company President since that time. She also was the lead of the 2014 Colciencias project in Bogota “Locomotora de la Innovación para Empresas.”

  • LENLen Kaplan, VP of Technology, GB LLC

    Len Kaplan was first trained in TRIZ in 1980. Since 1988, he was working as a professional TRIZ consultant. Since 1995, he worked as an innovation consultant, trainer and facilitator in Ideation International Inc., Pretium Consulting LLC and OutCompete LLC. Starting in 2010, Len has been working in South Korea for Samsung.
    Len Kaplan was implementing the GB TRIZ approaches, methods and techniques at Samsung TechWin.
    Len Kaplan has been a friend and colleague of Sergey and Galina Malkin since 1987, working together to develop a number of applications and methodologies for modern TRIZ.

  • Yevgeniy MalinYevgeniy Malkin, Training and Sales Manager, GB LLC

    2011 BBA – University of Michigan, USA

    Yevgeniy is one of the specialists at Guided Brainstorming, working on the development of training programs and materials for the GB TRIZ Practitioner and GB TRIZ Professional levels.

    He maintains and develops the GB TRIZ company website. Yevgeniy is also responsible for communication with clients and coordinating projects.