The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies


Authors: Ellen Domb and David Conley, PQR Group, Upland CA USA

Presenter:   Ellen Domb


Abstract:   Many people who are interested in TRIZ do not reach the level of competence that they want, due to mismatches between their learning style a

nd their teachers’ teaching styles.   Extensive research on teaching methods exists, but has not been widely applied to TRIZ.   This workshop will

start with a brief review of the teaching/learning research, and will then become interactive – the participants will decide which techniques they want to explore, and the presenters will facilitate the discussion.   A wide range of topics is possible, such as

  • How to teach the concept of the Ideal Final Result? Or System Operator? Or technical contradictions?   Etc.
  • Should patterns of evolution be taught to beginners? If not, when should it be taught?
  • Should we teach overall philosophy of TRIZ first, or teach tools and techniques first?
  • Should management, marketing, and engineering people get the same TRIZ training?

If other experienced TRIZ teachers join the event, the presenters will organize them into a panel discussion for the benefit of all participants.

Presentation Paper: See


The workshop consisted of identifying which category of learning was appropriate for which category of entity being taught.  All slides were taken from this paper.


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Ellen Domb, Ph.D., is the founding editor of The TRIZ Journal, and the principal TRIZ consultant for the PQR Group in Upland CA USA. TRIZ is Dr. Domb’s 6th career: she has been a physics professor, an aerospace engineer, an engineering manager, a product line general manager, and a strategic planning/quality improvement consultant. She is a popular speaker at global innovation events, and developed a distance-learning TRIZ course in collaboration with Information Architected to be able to reach more people with the TRIZ concepts, to improve thinking and problem solving world-wide.