The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies

Altshuller Institute File Formatting Guidelines TRIZCON event



Abstracts should 300-400 words with title, main topic and key words. Also a brief biography of the author(s) and a current headshot photo in jpeg format.



Finished Papers should be delivered to the Institute in an electronic format—either in MICROSOFT WORD (.doc) or RICH TEXT FORMAT (.rtf). PDF documents, including those derived from other applications, must not be locked and MUST BE FORMATTED TO THE PAGE SIZE AND MARGINS BELOW:

  • All papers must be formatted as U.S. Standard 8.5” X 11” size, with the following other specifications:
    Top and bottom margins: 1 inch
    Left and right margins: 1.25 inch
    No headers or footers.
  • All inserted images (drawings, pictures, diagrams, etc.) should also be included as separate graphic files. Do not insert images taken from the Web, or scanned from printed materials other than images that you own, without submitting with your paper proof of usage permission or proof of public domain status.



  • While electronic publication is in color, hard-copy Proceedings are printed with black ink only. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all charts, graphs, pictures, screens, etc. are adjusted for clarity in black and white versions. No adjustments to graphics will be made when colors are translated to black and white for hard-copy.
  • Times New Roman set at 12-point size is the recommended font for main body of the text.
  • Text and lettering in accompanying illustrative material should be in English.
  • Type the title and caption of each table in upper and lower case above the table.
  • Type the title and caption of each figure above and centered over the figure. Be sure that each table or figure reference in the text has a corresponding figure or table.
  • Papers should not exceed 20 pages without permission from AI.

Click here for a PDF copy of these guidelines.