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TRIZ Certification is one of the cornerstones services offered by the Altshuller Institute. Certification is a verification of the achievement that individuals have attained a level of accomplishment and expertise in the TRIZ world. As one of two international certification organizations in the world, the Altshuller Institute is serious about maintaining a high level of standards and verification. This effort will protect the validity of certification and the integrity of the process.

Certification is an great achievement for individuals. Certifications proves that you have achieved a level of proficiency and understanding of the TRIZ methodology. It is another skill set that you can add to your resume that will help you to distinguish yourself from your peers. Practitioner and Specialist certification single you out as a high level problem solver who can identify the correct problem and deliver solution concepts faster, cheaper and with better results. 

There are 3 primary levels of certification as defined by Altshuller Institute:

  1. Associate
  2. Practitioner and
  3. Specialist

For more information about each level and what must done to get ready for certification, just read the next sections.

Benefits of Certification

The reality we face as we chart the course of our career is that we cannot see over the horizon. We can make informed decisions based on what we know today and hope that these career choices will adequately prepare us for whatever conditions lie ahead. The intrinsic value of certification-and managing that value-can help ensure a successful career voyage.

Certification assists us in making important connections in a career. We see an ad for a job opening. The ad describes skills contained in our certifications. We make the connection that there is a possibility of filling that job. We use the credibility of certification to connect with business opportunities. Certifications, in other words, intrinsically provide the link between where you are and where you want to go.

For Individuals:

  • Confirms mastery of TRIZ concepts, tools and best practices
  • Enables better job performance
  • Enhances career/promotion opportunities
  • Recognizes growth, professional development and competence in TRIZ
  • Increases recognition by peers, employers, and recruiters
  • Sets you apart as an expert and leader in your field
  • AI is only one of two certification programs for the TRIZ Professional

For Management:

  • Identifies those who have sufficient product development knowledge and experience to move into a leadership position.
  • Differentiates between hiring candidates. Beyond considering an individual's experience, you can assess their interest in professional growth and development.

For Organizations:

  • Supports an organizations drive for process consistency and discipline in problem solving and innovation. It offers the right "big picture," baseline and areas of focus.
  • Top-performing companies understand that properly training employees leads to direct, measurable bottom-line benefits. Several leading companies are already sponsoring TRIZ Certification in their corporations.

Companies with

TRIZ Certifications

Countries with

TRIZ Certifications

  • Intel                                                                                        
  • GE
  • Boeing
  • DRS
  • Samsung
  • Hyundai
  • United States
  • S. Korea
  • Russia
  • Israel


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