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dana clarke

Dana W. Clarke, Paul Nobles and Peter Ulan

Why Do We Need Innovation?

It’s all about the money;
unresolved problems = financial losses and lost opportunities
By Dana W. Clarke, Paul Nobels and Peter Ulan
“Innovation is the most vital factor in shaping a corporation’s success throughout the coming years.  For several decades, corporations have optimized products, processes and services for efficiency and quality; without losing control of quality, it is now time to innovate.  Today’s corporate challenge is to unshackle its innovation capacity to control growth and profitability while achieving leadership in its targeted markets.  Global-economic forces and financial constraints have made innovation-driven growth more essential than at any other time in history.  Corporations face an unprecedented need to stay ahead of continuously accelerating global changes, unyielding pressure for rapid results, and fierce competition from corporations that are aggressively pursuing their own innovation-driven futures.”  



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