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Young Ji KangFebruary 2010

Young Ju Kang

The Automotive industry is one of the most competitive areas and there are several technical issues like global warming and depletion of crude oil. Also the period for developing new car becomes shorter and shorter. This situation makes car industry desires more efficient innovation and it is why Hyundai-Motors introduced TRIZ into their R&D parts.

TRIZ covers several areas of R&D projects. Usually it is used for patent circumvention, system and process improvement, cost reduction, and new development of products. There are several steps for solving problem. All the categories of TRIZ need analytical stage.

The most popular tool for analysis is function analysis (FA). If the system is stable and existing, FA is very powerful method for understanding system. But if the project is for New Development of the System or technical forecasting, it is not suitable to use FA directly. In this paper, new modeling method will be discussed for new product development.



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