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In order to sustain the day to day activities of the Institute, we rely heavily on the generosity of our aligned commercial and individual partners. We offer to recognize you or your company as a supporter of innovation, creativity and enlightenment. Your support of our organization will reflect positively on your social conscience and world community image. Our 501(c)3 status will insure complete deductibilty of your personal contribution.


            Individual Sponsorship allows organizations or philanthropist the opportunity to support the development of innovation, creativity and problem solving in all walks of life. Your active partnership with Altshuller Institute is paramount to the survival and growth of our Institute. Contributions can be made to the AI General Fund or be dedicated to any of the AI Special Projects. Visit our website “Special Projects”, Main menu.      


The following Individual Sponsorship programs are available.

Monthly Fee


Annual Fee


  • Logo & Hyperlink to sponsor’s website.
  • A page will set up on the AI website for all Platinum Sponsors.
  • An article will appear in the E-Newsletter focusing on each Elite Sponsor.
  • 3 free pass to one annual TRIZCON
  • 3 AI annual membership



  • Logo & Hyperlink to sponsor’s website.
  • A page will set up on the AI website for all Gold Sponsors.
  • 1 free pass to one annual TRIZCON
  • 1 AI annual membership



  • Name will appear in the Preferred Sponsor's page
  • Logo & Hyperlink to sponsor’s website.
  • 1 AI annual membership




The E-Newsletter/ Flashes provides a weekly/monthly update of relevant TRIZ news and events happening around the world. It reminds our readers about pending training and Conferences, new books and products as well as human interest pieces relevant to people who are in our TRIZ family. Average mailing goes to 1,500 subscribers and growing. Get your logo in front of TRIZ minded people who want more of what you are offering.

The AI web site is a strong international magnet for anyone looking for TRIZ information. We usually show up in the top 5 in most search engines. It is a distinguished and appealing site for seekers of knowledge to visit when searching for information.


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