The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies

Outreach Program

Various TRIZ providers have delivered introductory TRIZ training in middle & high schools. Teaching TRIZ in schools is much different from training engineers. In order to introduce TRIZ to schools in a systematic process, it will take time and money. Schools do not and will not pay to bring in an instructor to introduce TRIZ to their classroom. They will however let TRIZ trainers volunteer their time and resources to come in and open new opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Training the younger generation in TRIZ is essential because they are the lifeblood of TRIZ's future. Furthermore, companies will be far more willing to adopt the TRIZ methodology if their employees come pre-trained, rather than needing to spend resources to train their employees. Schools are also the easiest way to reach a large audience and effectually grow the TRIZ community.

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