The Altshuller Institute

for TRIZ Studies

Purdue University - - - TuTh 4:30-5:45pm Wang Hall 2579  -- Professor Kartik Ariyur

Innovation and Problem Solving with an emphasis on TRIZ tools Ariyur.945

The prerequisites are linear algebra, differential equations, and basic probability or consent of instructor. It will be on both in class and online. The course has been endowed by an alumnus with the hope of stimulating significant innovation. The hope is we will get a good bit of online attendance from people in industry who have longstanding unsolved problems. Those were the people who benefited most when I taught the material in industry in a far more rudimentary form than what I have now. Those working to formulate their research problems (MS/PhD theses), or senior design projects will also benefit significantly in developing several workable solution approaches.

Highlights of this semester's class include:

One student developed a predictor for the value of Bitcoin using the methods in the class ( as part of his class project), and has been predicting the trends better and better over the past two months.

Another student has developed ideas for 4 publications--he is just beginning his PhD and using the TRIZ project to speed up his thesis work and maximize its impact.

Another student has figured out many novel solutions for water recycling, and yet another has figured out new gas turbine combustor controls. In the class assignments/quizzes, students have managed to pose some fundamental problems in mathematics and physics in a TRIZ setting, opening up the problem to many lines of systematic attack (such as the construction of novel materials, or the solution of Beale's conjecture, which is s generalization of Fermat's conjecture).

The aim will be to both teach problem solving methods, and develop the mental resilience needed to use them persistently. Problem solving methods include TRIZ tools of eliminating trade-offs and idealization, and those developed in mathematics, physics, engineering, and business. The building of mental resilience will be aided by solving hard Olympiad style problems in math, physics, and engineering or other subjects as needed. Problem solving is far more rigorous in this formulation compared to typical classes on innovation or TRIZ thanks to using consistent system representation from controls and systems theory.



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